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Towards a carbon-free cohesion policy - part 1

Final panel of the conference "Climate Proofing EU Structural and Cohesion Funds" (November 17, 2009) organized by Friends of the Earth - Europe and CEE Bankwatch Network and hosted by the ...

Regions: Eastern Europe, Europe, Southern Europe

Issues: Environment, Sustainable development

Witnessed: 1744 times


EBRD - lost in transition

Bankwatch expects a largely business as usual approach from the EBRD on Monday, November 2, when it publishes its 2009 Transition Report, accompanied by rhetoric about learning lessons from the econom...

Regions: Central Asia, Eastern Europe

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Environment, Sustainable development

Witnessed: 1893 times


Ukrainian police abuse Somalian refugee (1st interview)

Interview in English languagewith Somalian asylum seeker who became a victim of police brutality in Vinnytsya (Souther-Western Ukraine) in November 2009. ...

Regions: Somalia, Ukraine

Issues: Impunity, Police brutality, Refugees

Witnessed: 2601 times


Ukrainian police abuse Somalian refugee (4 interviews)

Serie of 4 interviews with Somalian asylum seeker on English language recorded by Vinnytsya Human Rights Group in Vinnytsya (Ukraine). Interview conducted in English and Somali language. ...

Regions: Somalia, Ukraine

Issues: Impunity, Police brutality, Refugees

Witnessed: 3907 times


HealthRight International - Health is a human right

HealthRight International is a global health and human rights organization founded in 1990 by Dr. Jonathan Mann....

Regions: Russia, United States

Issues: Children's rights, Detention, Discrimination

Witnessed: 3699 times


Without Rights - Romani issues

A new documentary film by HCLU on the situation of Romani people in Hungary....

Regions: Hungary

Issues: Discrimination, Minorities

Witnessed: 3274 times


Russian policeman speaks out against corruption - 10 Nov 09

It's national police day in Russia, a holiday supposed to honor and celebrate the country's security forces....

Regions: Russia

Issues: Corruption

Witnessed: 2338 times


Corruption and brutality in Strizhavka prison №81 (Ukraine)

This video was broadcasted by Ukrainian video chanell TV "Ukraina" on 09 October 2009, it is in Ukrainian language and is about the corruption and mass violation of prisoner's rights by the ...

Regions: Ukraine

Issues: Prisons

Witnessed: 3959 times


Abkhazia's archive: fire of war, ashes of history

"To whom it may concern, ...

Regions: Bosnia, Europe, Russia

Issues: Corruption

Witnessed: 2607 times