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The Reckoning by Paco de Onis, Peter Kinoy, and Pamela Yates (Trailer)

Over 120 countries have united to form the International Criminal Court (ICC) — the first permanent court created to prosecute perpetrators, no matter how powerful, of crimes against humanity, war c...

Regions: Congo , Sudan, Uganda

Issues: Genocide, International criminal court, War crimes

Witnessed: 2950 times


Rape as a weapon of war in DR Congo

War has raged through the Democratic Republic of Congo for more than a decade — it has been called the deadliest conflict since World War II. ...

Regions: Congo

Issues: Rape and sexual abuse, Violence against women, War crimes

Witnessed: 2242 times


Soldiers in Eastern Congo (DRC)

Mike Thomson from Radio 4’s Today programme describes the desperate situation and ongoing conflict in Eastern Congo despite the country's first democratic elections and promises for peace after four...

Regions: Congo

Issues: Armed conflict, Child soldiers, War crimes

Witnessed: 1751 times


Chaos in Congo

Photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale, on assignment with Human Rights Watch, describes the increasingly desperate situation on the ground.

Regions: Africa, Congo , Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Witnessed: 2318 times


Awaiting Tomorrow (Full Version)

The silent storm of HIV/AIDS is ravaging communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where over 1.3 million people are living with HIV/AIDS....

Regions: Congo

Issues: HIV-AIDS

Witnessed: 7106 times


Children in the Ranks

Support the Child Soldier Prevention Act of 2007 Limit US Military Assistance to Governments Using Child Soldiers

Regions: Congo

Issues: Child soldiers, War crimes

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Lumo Trailer

Lumo Sinai was just over 20 when marauding soldiers attacked her in the eastern Congo....

Regions: Africa, Congo

Issues: Armed conflict, Health, Women's rights

Witnessed: 10440 times


Social workers

Transformative Arts and Human Rights Education Guide (Ba Futuru, Dili, 2006). Language(s): English. ...

Regions: Afghanistan, Africa, Albania

Issues: Children's rights, Discrimination, Health