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Life After the Earthquake The Situation for Haitian Women

Since January's devastating earthquake the women of Haiti have been subject to increased rates of gender-based violence....

Regions: Haiti

Issues: Violence against women

Witnessed: 2721 times


Searching for Loved Ones in Tivoli Gardens

In the aftermath of a crackdown by Jamaican security forces in West Kingston in May, 2010, residents carry photographs of their loved ones to the Tivoli Gardens Community Center to identify the dead.

Regions: Jamaica

Issues: Impunity, Mass killings, Police brutality

Witnessed: 2785 times


Jamaica: Seven girls under state care burn in fire

On May 22, 2009, a fire took place at the Armadale Juvenile Correctional Center in St. Ann Jamaica, which resulted in the death of 7 girls....

Regions: Jamaica

Issues: Children's rights, Juvenile justice

Witnessed: 3603 times


Haiti recovery efforts must include people with disabilities

An estimated 250,000 Haitians were injured in the January earthquake and many will now suffer lifelong disabilities....

Regions: Haiti

Issues: Physical disability

Witnessed: 2058 times


Haitian women desperately need reproductive health care

About 7,000 Haitian women give birth each month. Many of them face life-threatening complications....

Regions: Haiti

Issues: Reproductive rights

Witnessed: 2553 times


ActionAid in Haiti's Camps

ActionAid's response to the issue of women's safety in the camps outside Port au Prince, following the earthquake of January 2010.

Regions: Haiti

Issues: Humanitarian, Rape and sexual abuse, Violence against women

Witnessed: 2848 times


Ex-preso de conciencia cubano Raúl Arencibia desmiente declaraciones de canciller cubano contra Orlando Zapata Tamayo

Ex-preso de conciencia cubano Raúl Arencibia desmiente declaraciones de canciller cubano contra Orlando Zapata Tamayo ...

Regions: Cuba

Issues: Human rights defenders, Torture

Witnessed: 2674 times


Earthquake in Haiti

In early January 2010 Digital Democracy partnered with Tufts University’s Center for Emerging Market Enterprises (CEME) to conduct research and a photography training with young adults in Haiti....

Regions: Haiti

Issues: Natural disasters

Witnessed: 2237 times


Haiti Reconstruction - Public Service Announcement

On January 12th 2010 a massive earthquake struck Haiti. Millions of lives were affected and a country was left in ruins. ...

Regions: Haiti

Issues: Education, Environment, Food & health & development

Witnessed: 3436 times


Haiti Earthquake - video and resources

We're not tracking the Haiti earthquake ourselves, but here are a few links to those who are...

Regions: Haiti

Issues: Humanitarian, Natural disasters

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