Video Advocacy Training in Thailand Focuses on Displacement in Asia

Regions: Asia

Issues: Housing, Indigenous peoples, Internally displaced persons

Tags: Asia, development induced forced displacement, forced displacement, indigenous rights, mining, WITNESS training

Our colleagues Ryan Schlief and Sam Gregory are in Chiang Mai, Thailand, conducting a video advocacy training for 15 human rights activists working on forced displacement issues across Asia. The 10-day workshop is being organized in partnership with the IAP, EarthRights International, Komas, and Chiang Mai University’s Unit for Social and Environmental Research.

Watch this introductory vlog from Ryan, and then check out updates of their training here (part 2) and here (part 3) to listen to the activists speak about their projects and explain how video will help strengthen their advocacy goals.

Ali Ahmed, from Participatory Development Initiatives (PDI), says video will allow PDI to reach out to more communities in their own languages, which will make their campaigns more accessible to families affected by displacement in Sindh, Pakistan.

Mei Orias, who works with Amnesty International on indigenous rights in mining affected areas in the Philippines, describes how young indigenous people will be able to start using video to advocate for their rights.

Mamata Dash, from India, says video will help local groups reach out to each other and build a much stronger interactive and collective force to counter the damage done after five decades of mega-mining projects in Orissa.

Chandra Singh Kulung talks about how the Association of Nepal Kirit Kulung Language and Cultural Development will use video to strengthen its call for the Nepalese government to recognize the indigenous identity and rights of the Kulung community.

Ekachai Pinkaew, from the National Human Rights Commission in Thailand, talks about how he will use video to target the Thai government and legislature and raise awareness to the conditions of internally displaced persons in Thailand.


Very informative!!! Great

Very informative!!! Great job!!