Egyptian police torturing a woman murder suspect

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Witnessed: 22687 times

Regions: Egypt

Issues: Impunity, Police brutality, Torture

Tags: egypt, ill-treatment, police, torture

This video contains graphic footage of human rights abuses

This detained girl is brutally tortured by Egyptian police to force her confess a murder crime.

Out of the excruciating pain, the girl said "..aah..I killed him..I killed him..I killed him". The police officer was very calm undisturbed by seeing the girl suffering. In fact he seemed enjoying video taping her suffering. He said " You're a liar. You know these cell-phones are very important in ..psupsu). Psupsu is not a word. He used it to refer to torture.

The girl was begging him in tears that she feels her hands as if being cut off her arms due to the severe excruciating pain and called upon him as "Ya Basha" to untie her hands. Calling him "Basha" revealed that the torturer was a police officer. The word "Basha" is widely used to address police officers and other important figures in Egypt. It is not an official title. It goes back in history to the Ottomani era, when the "Khedewi" (the Ottomani ruler of Egypt) used to envoke this official title on high-rank figures the same way The British Queen would envoke the title "Sir" or "Knight" on distinguished figures.

The video stirred a widespread condemnation by human rights activists and organizations in Egypt, has been covered by many Egyptian newspapers and Arabic TV channels. For more details on these coverages check youtube search for
مطلوب معلومات عن الفيديو


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