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The Hub is no longer accepting new content. The site has shifted to an archive of human rights related media that was uploaded by subscribers between 2007-2010. WITNESS does not vouch for the veracity, accuracy or authenticity of any content uploaded on to the Hub. 

Digital Media and Iran's Green Movement: A Look Back with Cameran Ashraf

Regions: Iran

Issues: Elections, Freedom of opinion & expression

Tags: ahmadinejad, censorship, digital media, Elections, gerdab, Green Movement, mousavi, Protests, safety, security, social media, twitter, video, web 2.0

December 7 was Student Day in Iran, a day when students traditionally commemorate the deaths of three Iranian students who were protesting the Shah in 1953. This year, the Student Day protests were especially poignant because they demonstrated that Iran's Green Movement is still very much alive. And, like the post-election protests in June, news about the demonstrations was delivered to the world via tools like Twitter and YouTube.

Macedonia: Stop the Violence Against Sex Workers

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December 17 is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers and our featured video comes to you from Macedonia, where local NGO Healthy Options Projects Skopje (HOPS) partnered with WITNESS this year on a campaign to end violence, marginalization, and criminalization of sex workers.

What Can Civil Society Learn from Evgeny Morozov’s Critique of Web 2.0?

Regions: Global

Tags: ethics, new media, online, risks, safety, security, video authenticity, web 2.0

It's easy to get excited about the potential power of the internet to fight government impunity, curb human rights abuses, and induce democratic reforms in authoritarian states. New Media experts like Clay Shirky see enormous potential in social media.

What Image Opened Your Eyes To Human Rights?

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One year ago, WITNESS staff recorded this video talking about human rights images that had inspired them, shocked them, remained with them.

Have You Made Your Pledge to Prevent Genocide?

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Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Genocide Prevention Task Force Report, which provides the US Government with a comprehensive blueprint to best prevent genocide and mass atrocities.  WITNESS partner STAND, the student-led division of Genocide Intervention Network, has joined with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to invite thousands to take a pledge to prevent genocide, by signing and joining the movement at  Please sign on if you haven't already, and watch this WITNESS-STAND video that was

Bhopal - End 25 Years of Injustice

Every Woman Has a Story...

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November 25 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and our featured video brings you a glimpse of the different campaigns WITNESS has collaborated on to protect the human rights of women around the world.

1 billion people go hungry each day

"Hunger, like apartheid, is man made"

There is enough food in the world to feed everyone, and yet more than 1 billion people - 1 in every 6 - go hungry each day. This is a record-high number that continues to grow fueled by rising food and fuel prices, climate change, and the global economic crisis.