Create Your Group Page

It only takes 3 steps to create your group or organization’s page on the Hub. Through your page, you can highlight all of your group’s media, resources, campaigns and events.

Step 1: Create your Hub User Account for Your Group

  • Create an account for your group
  • Make your username the same as your group name (i.e. WITNESS)
  • You will receive a confirmation email and a direct link to create your group page

Step 2: Prepare the Following Items Before You Start

  • Your group or organization’s mission statement (one paragraph)
  • Text featuring your campaigns, resources and events
  • Brief text and direct url links to 3 action items, 3 resources and 3 links
  • A logo or image for your group that you can easily upload (jpg or gif file)

Step 3: Login to the Hub and Fill in the “Create a Group” Form

  • Create a page for your group
  • Follow the instructions and make sure you highlight your work through providing detailed information and how people can get involved.
  • Link your actions, resources and events by entering text you want to appear on your page and the website you would like to link to

Step 4: Click Submit and You’re Done!

NOTE: You will always be able to administer your group to make any changes or edits to the entries and selections you have made through your My Account page, which you can always access in the top toolbar throughout the site.

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