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Counterbalance begins screenings

Regions: India

Issues: Labor

Tags: Chintan, dehli, Environment, wastepickers, wasterecyclers

On 14 November in New York City, the 8th Annual Mahindra Indo-American Arts Council (MIAAC) Film Festival will screen Counterbalance, the co-production between WITNESS and our partner in Delhi, Chintan. After the screening of Counterbalance and two other films (see below), I will join Professor Lauhona Ganguly from the New School and film maker Sunil Gupta on a panel about Video for Change in India.

Borei Keila: Fighting for Health and Home

Regions: Cambodia

Issues: HIV-AIDS, Housing

Tags: access to medical treatment, development induced forced displacement, Forced Eviction, HIV/AIDS, land rights, Licadho, Protest

*UPDATE, 27 July: 100+ HIV/AIDS and human rights organizations - including WITNESS, Human Rights Watch, and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance - co-sign a letter to the Royal Government of Cambodia expressing "deep concern about the discriminatory and potentially life-threatening treatment of HIV-affected families from the Borei Keila community." 

LICADHO video shows eviction of Group 78

Regions: Cambodia

Issues: Housing

Tags: Cambodia, development induced forced displacement, Group78, intimidation, Licadho, urban poverty


At 4 am this morning [July 17, 2009], dozens of armed police took up positions around Group 78 in order to enforce a municipal order that they dismantle their homes or be forcibly removed.

Cambodia: Gov'ts and UN demand halt to forced evictions

Regions: Cambodia

Issues: Housing

Tags: Cambodia, forced evictions, Group78, Licadho

Government representatives of 7 countries, as well as the World Bank, United Nations and others, are calling on the Government of Cambodia to stop all forced evictions in the country.

Chintan begins editing wastepicker video

Regions: India

Issues: Labor

Tags: discrimination, recycling, urban poverty, waste, wastepickers

A few months ago I wrote about our new partnership with Chintan in India.  Lots of planning, training, and shooting have happened since then and now I am back in beautiful Delhi to facilitate the editing of the first video co-produced by Chintan and WITNESS.  

Dispatch from India: High Court decriminalizes gay sex

Regions: India, Southern Asia

Issues: Discrimination, LGBTQ, Minorities

Tags: Gay Rights, high court, india, LGBT, queer movement, section 377

A quick dispatch from Delhi, where I am working with our partner Chintan right now. The Delhi High Court today handed down a ruling scrapping part of Section 377 (pdf) that, in the words of one Indian colleague, sees "India taking another step closer to the intent of the framers of its constitution."

India: WITNESS begins new partnership with wastepickers

Regions: India

Issues: Discrimination, Labor, Poverty

Tags: Chintan, Delhi, india, recycling, urban poor, wastepickers

The entrepreneurial spirit of the urban poor should be encouraged 

Many of the world’s cities rely on the work of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children to collect, sort, process and dispose or recycle what urban dwellers throw away. Operating independently or at times in collectives, this workforce earns an income, not from the city government itself, but from the house-to-house collection of waste, from the sale of scrap materials and from recycling.

Take Action with Dey Krahorm: Resettlement without a settlement

Regions: Cambodia

Issues: Housing

Tags: Cambodia, Dey Krahorm, Forced Eviction, Licadho, Licadho Canada


The relocation site for residents of Dey Krehorm, who were forcibly evicted in the early morning hours of Saturday 24 January, reportedly is woefully inadequate with many homes not ready and without clean water or electricity in the area. Removed from their land, homes and livelihoods, several Dey Krahorm residents have protested at the National Assembly for justice and proper compensation (Images here).