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"War Crimes and The White House" - The 2001 Dasht-e-Leili Massacre

Regions: Afghanistan, United States

Issues: Armed conflict, Torture, War crimes

Tags: Geneva Conventions, humane treatment, Mass Killings, massacre, prisoner of war, Prisoners, taliban, terrorism, US military, war

This explosive video comes hot off the press from Physicians for Human Rights, and accompanies James Risen's story in today's New York Times alleging that the Bush administration "impeded at least three federal investigations into an alleged massacre of as many as 2,000 prisoners in Afghanistan."




The Next Wave: Life on a Sinking Island in the South Pacific Ocean

Regions: Oceania, Papua New Guinea

Issues: Environment, Indigenous peoples, Internally displaced persons

Tags: climate change, climate refugees, displacement, environmental justice, flooding, global warming, islands, natural disasters, rising sea levels

"The sea has moved further inland, and it continues to do so... it destroys our food gardens, it uproots coconut trees, it even washes over the sea walls that we have built... Most of our culture will have to live in memory." - Ursula Rakova, Relocation Leader, Carteret Islands -

HRWIFF 2009 - Festival Round-up [UPDATED with new links]

Regions: Global, United States

Tags: Audience Reaction, film, film festival, hrwiff, human rights, screening

WITNESS has a proud history of participating in, supporting and even awarding prizes at film festivals, but we've never tried to cover a film festival before here on the Hub.  So it was with a little trepidation that we asked the good people over at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival in New York City if they'd let us l

G8: Spotlight on climate change talks

Regions: Global

Issues: Environment, Food & health & development, Water

Tags: climate change, climate crisis, climate refugees, displacement, Food Crisis, food shortages, G8, global warming, Health, natural disasters

As 17 world leaders gather in Italy for the expanded annual G8 Summit, many eyes are on the discussions around climate change and the need for reaching an international consensus to reduce global greenhouse emissions.

HRWIFF 2009 - Mrs Goundo’s Daughter – NYC Premiere

Regions: Mali

Issues: Children's rights, HIV-AIDS, Reproductive rights, Sexual rights, Women's rights

Tags: female circumcision, female clitoral excision, female genital cutting, Female genital mutilation


At the sold-out New York Premiere of Mrs. Goundo's Daughter, I joined the audience at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival (HRWIFF) for an enlightening film on a commonly misunderstood and misrepresented phenomenon: female circumcision. 

Xinjiang: Protests continue into third day

Regions: China

Issues: Discrimination

Tags: Protest, Uighur, urumqi, uyghur, xinjiang

Xinhua is reporting that more than 150 people have died in the clashes in Urumqi since 5th July, and more than 1,000 have been injured. 

Multimedia Reporting - Behind the scenes at a MediaStorm workshop

Tags: brian storm, journalism, mediastorm, multimedia reporting, training

As part of our work at WITNESS we conduct trainings preparing advocates to be able to shoot, edit and distribute video for effective human rights advocacy (watch some participant interviews).  We've also created a set of short videos that take you through the basics of creating video for human rights advocacy.  Though this training doesn't yet formally in

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Regions: Brazil, Great Britain, United States

Issues: Police brutality, Violence

Tags: accountability, documentation, evidence, human rights, john keane, monitory democracy, police brutality, policing, Protest, video

Here's a Guardian video (and news story) from a couple of weeks ago which offers some useful insights for those working to document and expose police brutality and misconduct worldwide, and to those within police forces charged with investigating such misconduct and developing policies for transparency and accountability. 

US to destroy evidence of torture of Binyam Mohamed?

Regions: Afghanistan, Pakistan, United States

Issues: Armed conflict, Justice, Torture

Tags: Binyam Mohamed, evidence, gitmo, guantanamo, torture

A Guardian story suggests that a key piece of photographic evidence documenting the torture of Binyam Mohamed is about to be destroyed, if his case is dismissed in the US:

China: Tensions flare in western province of Xinjiang

Regions: China

Issues: Discrimination, Violence

Tags: Protest, xinjiang

Several media have reported violent clashes in the city of Urumqi between Uyghurs and Han Chinese (see NYT, The Times, BBC) - and now BBC Chin