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Regions: Global

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Indigenous peoples, Internally displaced persons

Tags: Aboriginal, access, archives, blogging, citizenmedia, Community Empowerment, community media, cultural heritage, cultural preservation, First Nations, indigenous law, indigenous people, participatory media, socialnetworking, under-representation


Hello, Hub blog readers! My name is Teague Schneiter, and I am a new intern at WITNESS. I've come here through a partnership between WITNESS and my Master's program at the University of Amsterdam in Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image, and though there have been a number of students from the P&P program at WITNESS, I have the exciting privilege of being the first to join forces with the Hub.

LICADHO video shows eviction of Group 78

Regions: Cambodia

Issues: Housing

Tags: Cambodia, development induced forced displacement, Group78, intimidation, Licadho, urban poverty


At 4 am this morning [July 17, 2009], dozens of armed police took up positions around Group 78 in order to enforce a municipal order that they dismantle their homes or be forcibly removed.

Cambodia: Gov'ts and UN demand halt to forced evictions

Regions: Cambodia

Issues: Housing

Tags: Cambodia, forced evictions, Group78, Licadho

Government representatives of 7 countries, as well as the World Bank, United Nations and others, are calling on the Government of Cambodia to stop all forced evictions in the country.

Chinese blogger arrested in Fujian province for uploading a video?

Regions: China

Issues: Freedom of opinion & expression

Tags: arbitrary detention, censorship, Freedom of Speech, internet, web 2.0

At about 9 am this morning, journalist and new media thinker Rebecca Mackinnon retweeted a message from user amoiist saying: "I have been arrested by Mawei police, SOS."  The original tweet was posted yesterday with another message asking for help.  amoiist is Peter Guo, an active blogger  in China.  He's previously written on internet censorship, as reported by Global Voices Online, and PC World notes that Guo's arrest is not an isolated incident.

Is Elder Financial Abuse the Crime of the 21st Century?

Regions: United States

Issues: Older persons

Tags: abuse, elder abuse, financial exploitation, Fraud, older persons, seniors

According to Fred Joseph, president of the North American Securities Administrators Association, “Elder financial abuse is becoming the crime of the 21st century’’.  He was quoted in a Washington Post article that focused on the link between the growing recession in the U.S.

Chintan begins editing wastepicker video

Regions: India

Issues: Labor

Tags: discrimination, recycling, urban poverty, waste, wastepickers

A few months ago I wrote about our new partnership with Chintan in India.  Lots of planning, training, and shooting have happened since then and now I am back in beautiful Delhi to facilitate the editing of the first video co-produced by Chintan and WITNESS.  

Info-Activism: a dialogue on tactics

Regions: Global

Tags: Activism, advocacy, info-activism, information, new media, resources, tactics, technology, tools

How do we turn information into action?  This key question has been vividly debated over the past few days in an online dialogue at New Tactics in Human Rights.  With contributions by activists and groups from around the world, the interesting conversation yielded several great examples of info-activism and the use of new technologies for advocacy. 

This Friday: NYC Premiere of "The Way We Get By"

Regions: United States

Issues: Older persons

Tags: elder, justice, premier, screening, senior

I recently had the chance to spend some quality time with some of the crew behind South by Southwest Special Jury Award-winning "The Way We Get By" while I was at the Bay Area Video Coalition's exceptional Producer's Institute*.