WITNESS on the road with Peter Gabriel in Montreal

Regions: Canada, United States

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Hi from Montreal, Canada.

We're out with the Peter Gabriel Scratch My Back Tour for a few shows  --- teaching folks about WITNESS and the work we're doing using video to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations. 

The PG crew is screening our promo video every night before the show and volunteers are out are at tables with WITNESS materials telling folks how they too can get involved.

Now why is WITNESS out with Peter Gabriel you ask?

Back in 1988 Peter Gabriel performed on Amnesty International’s “Human Rights Now!”  Tour where he met survivors of human rights abuses and listened to their stories of suffering and frustration.  These were people who had been brutally tortured, forced to flee their homes and countries, who watched their loved ones murdered, and suffered overwhelming forces of oppression.  Peter had one of the first camcorders  with him at the time and thought that if  these people  were videotaped telling their stories in their own words,  then these human rights abuses could not be denied, ignored or forgotten.  People would be empowered by telling their stories, and those watching these videos would be inspired to take action. 

Thus the idea for WITNESS was born. It wasn’t until footage of the Rodney King incident became widely distributed that people really began to understand what Peter knew – the power of visual images to catalyze discussion, understanding and change.

18 years later, we are still going strong, but we want to keep growing our community.

Here are a few ways you can support WITNESS:

•    Get our newsletter- information is power! Sign up for our monthly mailing list to see what urgent action you can take to support our partners. You will receive updates on WITNESS campaigns and events. Tell a friend – Let your friends know that you are joining WITNESS and encourage them to do the same.

•    Become a donor by joining the Changemaker network at www.witness.org/donate. Stand up for human rights and the power of visual storytelling to make a difference by helping us strengthen and build a community of changemakers working to create a just world.

•    Volunteer at WITNESS. WITNESS accepts applications on a rolling basis. Check our website for openings andhow to apply.

We'll keep you posted with a behind the scenes look at the tour and updates. 

A big shout out to the entire PG crew out on the road and the team back in England who make this all possible for WITNESS.

 And our volunteers, of course.

Merci from Montreal,