Video Spotlight: Intimidation and Harassment

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Issues: Violence, Women's rights

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Can you imagine being constantly harassed and persecuted because of your job?

This video by the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) documents the real stories of abortion providers, clinic employees and patients who have been - and continue to be - subjected to intimidation and harassment as a result of their work and personal choices.  After the murder of Dr. George Tiller - shot and killed by an anti-abortion activist in May 2009 - many of these professionals are increasingly concerned about their safety.  Some doctors, like Jennifer Boulanger of Pennsylvania, have even had to face protestors picketing their homes: "Every day I worry about being shot or targeted, especially now that Dr. Tiller was murdered.  I've never felt this vulnerable in my job. The sole purpose of home picketing is to intimidate and harass, it is not about free speech and education of the general public. Its about intimidation of the provider and it needs to be recognized on the federal level," says Jennifer. Watch her testimony here:


CRR's message is clear: abortion providers are human rights defenders.  They work - often against great odds - to help women realize their reproductive rights and have access to accurate medical information, a secure place to make private decisions, and, most importantly, safe medical procedures. Authorities must take all necessary steps to protect abortion providers and prohibit blockades in front of clinics, as they keep patients from getting the medical attention they need in time.

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