Update: Technical Issues on the Hub

Regions: Global

Tags: Hub, technical update, WITNESS

Three weeks ago my colleague Sameer posted an update regarding some technical problems we've been having on the Hub.

We've been working to address those issues and as a result have been working to move the Hub to new servers.  We've also been looking at new technical solutions for hosting and encoding videos.

While we continue to work on these technical issues, the Hub will continue to run on its current servers, meaning that some of these issues will continue.  Once we've implemented the new system, and determined that it is stable and fully functional, we will perform a final syncing of data between the current servers and the new ones before making the switch over. This should hopefully improve your user experience.

There will be a minimal disruption in service while we move the Hub to our new servers, but we will make an announcement well in advance about the schedule of the switch over as well as any issues that may arise.  In the meantime, please let us know about any problems you might be experiencing on the Hub.

Thanks again for your patience.