Reflecting on International Women's Day

Regions: Global

Issues: Human rights defenders, Women's rights

Tags: Human Rights Defenders, international women's day, Women's rights

In WITNESS' history we have partnered with women around the world. This is a thank you to all the women who are our partners in change.

Every day at WITNESS is a day that begins and ends with women. Courageous women who are in human rights organizations; women human rights defenders who come to our Video Advocacy Institute to be immersed in practical and tactical training on using video as a tool for justice; women donors who give time, advice and money in support of our our work; women in foundations who evaluate our grant proposals, give us vital support, and become our partners in change; amazing women on our Board and Advisory Board who are passionate activists and advisors; women bloggers who amplify our stories; women in media and social networking organizations who commit their networks and resources to amplifying our campaigns; the women artists who care to make a difference; the women musicians who get involved; but most of all the courageous women who tell their stories of abuse and violence to demand justice who are the agents of change. Every story can create change:



And then there is that broader network, the invisible bonds that are everywhere: the women who are our peers and partners, our moral supporters, our sisters, our mothers, our neighbors, even those at a distance who inspire us and keep us going --- Thank you!



big change

We woman can create a big change in human history if we just fight for our rights. there are a lot of stories long before we are born that we can get inspirations on there life, on how they fight to change what we are now.