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TAKE ACTION: Support Choice in Housing for People with Psychiatric Disabilities in NY

Regions: United States

Issues: Housing, Mental disability rights

Tags: ADA, adult homes, Americans with Disabilities Act, CIAD, DAI, Disability Advocates, mental illness, supported housing

For 30 years, New York State has placed people with psychiatric disabilities in large, institutionalized adult homes where many remain for the rest of their lives. On September 8, a Federal judge ordered New York to offer residents of large adult homes an opportunity to move into community-based supported apartments. NY State could appeal the judge's decision and delay action for many more months, if not years.  We're calling on residents, friends, family members, and mental health practitioners to join our letter-writing campaign and ask Governor Paterson NOT to appeal this case. It's time to provide “decent housing, not warehousing,” for New Yorkers with psychiatric disabilities.