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On the Road with Peter Gabriel in New York

Regions: North America, United States

Tags: human rights, Peter Gabrial, scratch my back

Greetings from NYC and WITNESS HQ:

I've been lucky enough to be traveling with Peter's latest tour, Scratch My Back, (read my previous blog from the first stop in North America- the amazing show in Montreal last week) spreading the word about WITNESS, and it's been a wild ride.

WITNESS on the road with Peter Gabriel in Montreal

Regions: Canada, United States

Tags: human rights, peter gabriel, WITNESS

Hi from Montreal, Canada.

We're out with the Peter Gabriel Scratch My Back Tour for a few shows  --- teaching folks about WITNESS and the work we're doing using video to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations. 

RAU Campaign Update: New training on video advocacy in Zimbabwe

Regions: Africa

Issues: Violence against women

Tags: Campaign, partner, RAU, training, video, video advocacy, Zimbabwe

My colleague Ryan Kautz and I just returned from Zimbabwe, where we completed a second video advocacy training with our local partners, the Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU). As an immediate outcome, the trainees produced two short videos based on a strong testimony of a woman who survived politically-motivated violence in Zimbabwe. The woman tells a moving story of the sexual violence she lived through. See more on our campaign with RAU here.

Reflecting on International Women's Day

Regions: Global

Issues: Human rights defenders, Women's rights

Tags: Human Rights Defenders, international women's day, Women's rights

In WITNESS' history we have partnered with women around the world. This is a thank you to all the women who are our partners in change.

International Women's Day - Using Video to Stop Violence

Regions: Global

Issues: Discrimination, Rape and sexual abuse, Violence against women, Women's rights

Tags: accountability, Beijing Declaration, women and girls

Up to 60% of women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetimes.  Whether in the form of domestic violence perpetrated by an intimate partner, mass rape used as a weapon of war, or criminalization of reproductive rights, violence against women (VAW) remains one of the most pervasive violations of human rights across borders, cultures, and economic classes.

VIDEO: 10 tactics for turning information into action

Regions: Global

Issues: Freedom of opinion & expression

Tags: advocacy, freedom of information, how to, infoactivism, resources, tactical technology collective, tactics, Toolkit

Say you suspect the president of your country is using the Presidential airplane to go shopping and sightseeing in Paris instead of for official state purposes.  Or say your government has blocked YouTube because too many videos showing police brutality have been uploaded there.  Or suppose you spent years using Freedom of Information laws to request access to government data and now you have thousands of pages of a complex budget in front of you.  What can you do with this information?  How can you turn information into action?

Update: Technical Issues on the Hub

Regions: Global

Tags: Hub, technical update, WITNESS

Three weeks ago my colleague Sameer posted an update regarding some technical problems we've been having on the Hub.

We've been working to address those issues and as a result have been working to move the Hub to new servers.  We've also been looking at new technical solutions for hosting and encoding videos.

Kenya: Endorois win Major Victory for Indigenous Rights

Regions: Africa, Kenya

Issues: Indigenous peoples, Internally displaced persons

Tags: African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, government, indigenous peoples, kenya, mass eviction

On this page, you'll find the blog posts and videos that tell the story of this precedent-setting ruling in Africa. Join us in celebrating this historic moment!

A Long Walk to Victory for the Endorois

Regions: Africa, Kenya

Issues: Indigenous peoples, Internally displaced persons

Tags: African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, African Union, Endorois, indigenous peoples, kenya, Law

We all share the desire to create a just world. At WITNESS, we share your passion to right the wrongs and to support those fighting for their rights. However, as our campaigns are aimed at creating systemic change, human rights impact can require patience, persistence, and a long view of a better world.

Endorois Victory: 'As an African, this is a landmark moment...'

Regions: Africa, Kenya

Issues: Internally displaced persons

Tags: African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, African Union, Endorois, Forced Eviction, kenya, Kenyan government, Law

In 1973, more than 20,000 people from the Endorois, an indigenous pastoralist community in Kenya were evicted from their lands by the Kenyan government to make way for a game reserve and tourist resort. For years, the Endorois community tried to fight the government’s decision, without success. Turned away by the courts in Kenya, the Endorois took their case in 2003 to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR).