Video Advocacy Guides, Toolkits and Resources

Watch our new three-part Video Advocacy Guide to help you film, edit and share footage that can be effectively used to campaign for human rights.

The Guide will show you how to plan what you shoot, how to film safely and effectively, how to protect people you film, and how to get your material to audiences who can make a difference online and offline.

Click the links below to watch them on the Hub:
- Before Filming
- During Filming Part 1
- During Filming Part 2
- After Filming

Soon, you'll be able to watch these as video animations and download them as printable PDF files.

For a more in-depth guide to using video in advocacy, you can download WITNESS' manual Video for Change: A Guide for Advocacy and Activism in PDF format - and it's also available in French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

If you know of other video advocacy toolkits or resources, please let us know via the Suggest a Resource page in the Take Action section of the site - or drop us an email.

Other toolkits:
Center for Social Media - Fair Use Toolkit