Right to vote

One of the most critical ways that individuals can influence governmental decision-making is through voting....

Issues: Elections


Right to Means for Adequate Health

The idea that all people are entitled to have the physical needs of their bodies satisfied is at the heart of the human rights movement....

Issues: Food & health & development, Health, HIV-AIDS


Right to Life

The taking of human life has been strongly condemned by most world religions and philosophies over the centuries....

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Death penalty, Forced disappearances


Right to Family

The family is the fundamental and natural unit of society and requires the full protection of the state. Human rights law upholds the positive right of all peoples to marry and found a family....

Issues: Marriage, Reproductive rights, Sexual rights


Right to Culture

The right to culture in human rights law is essentially about the celebration and protection of humankind’s creativity and traditions....

Issues: Freedom of opinion & expression, Freedom of religion & belief, Indigenous peoples



People who are forced to flee their homes due to persecution, whether on an individual basis or as part of a mass exodus due to political, religious, military or other problems, are known as refugees...

Issues: Armed conflict, Humanitarian, Immigration


Human rights of persons with disabilities

Persons with disabilities are entitled to exercise their civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights on an equal basis with others....


Inter-American Human Rights System

The states of the American continents have created a regional institution, the Organization of American States (OAS), which includes several structures for protecting human rights....

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Armed conflict, Caste discrimination


Rights of Indigenous Peoples

People who inhabited a land before it was conquered by colonial societies and who consider themselves distinct from the societies currently governing those territories are called Indigenous Peoples. ...

Issues: Indigenous peoples


Right to Housing

Everyone shares the right to a decent standard of living....

Issues: Housing

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