Rights on the Line: Vigilantes at the Border (Excerpts)

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For more than a decade, the southern border of the U.S. has resembled a war zone. Aggressive, military-style actions by the Border Patrol have made human rights abuses everyday events in border communities. Alongside this official militarization, armed vigilante groups have harassed border crossers and communities, but their numbers were relatively limited until recently. In April 2005, a new group called the "Minuteman Project" became a national media darling when several hundred recruits gathered in Arizona to patrol the border. Only months later, they are expanding their activities into California, Texas and several other states throughout the country.

Leaders of the Minuteman Project have been very skillful at portraying themselves as no more than a well-meaning "neighborhood watch group." They have been featured on many major television and radio programs and have been welcomed by the governor of California. Their racism and xenophobia are rarely explored, nor their legality publicly challenged. In the coming months, it is essential that opposing voices be heard and actions taken to counteract their growing influence.

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Rights on the line

Is this site for real? I was thinking I may see something compelling...This is a joke. You people can't be this ignorant. This is not a free-for-all...Before you start attacking American citizens who care about their sovereign nation, maybe you should attack the real culprits...The corrupt Mexican government. I seem to want to see if you can really pull this off with a straight face. Look into the border between Mexico and Guatamala. Clearly you feel as if you have done some hard hitting journalism here...You people are idiots.

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