Putting It Right: Addressing Human Rights Violations Against Zimbabwean Women

Regions: Africa

Issues: Women's rights

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Report: Women in Zimbabwe suffer politically motivated violence especially during elections and this must end. Victims of violence should be consulted before any transitional justice mechanisms are decided on their behalf.


how can i help?

How does one help? how does one take action in an effective manner? especially from outside the country?

Putting It Right: Addressing Human Rights Violations Against Zim

Not only women are suffering, men who do support the two leading parties are subject to violence and torture. I agree with Nemwel we need to cordinate to condemn violence which continues even after a Unity Government (still there is no rule of law, women being abused and raped, men tortured, ZANU PF malitia still terrorising innocent people, the media controlled by ZANU. How can we be the voice of people that the cameras miss, who are in fear of being identified when they go to the press. Lets work together to bring sanity to Zimbabwe.

Unwarranted Violation of Citizens

Are there more adult men than women in your society?

Regarding the NGOs matters services

There is need of the any country to give awareness regd any kind of work should implement properly then only the utilisation will proper used so we all know about all the project handlded by the NGOs to make proper guidlenes towards the NGOs.

We need to coordinate as all

We need to coordinate as all like minded individuals, groups and institutions to condemn and promote sanity to Zimbabwe uegently


Your fight is about mentality, ratio of men to women and
power bases. Can you issue numbers of citizens - male and female on this medium?

Do your teachers teach acceptable behaviour and stop tyranny in kindergarten classes?

Putting It Right: Addressing Human Rights Violations Against Zim

We must continue to examine the human cost of the unlawful global slavery of women in Zimbabwe suffering politically in the hands of political leaders running corrupt elections.