RAU Campaign Update: New training on video advocacy in Zimbabwe

Regions: Africa

Issues: Violence against women

Tags: Campaign, partner, RAU, training, video, video advocacy, Zimbabwe

My colleague Ryan Kautz and I just returned from Zimbabwe, where we completed a second video advocacy training with our local partners, the Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU). As an immediate outcome, the trainees produced two short videos based on a strong testimony of a woman who survived politically-motivated violence in Zimbabwe. The woman tells a moving story of the sexual violence she lived through. See more on our campaign with RAU here.

Now, RAU has three staffers who were trained in video editing and have the necessary equipment to complete video projects. In addition, a skilled local editor will also be assisting RAU when needed.

We also worked together to define the next steps in this campaign. In the coming months, RAU will be producing a new video to demand justice for the survivors of the wave of political violence that shook Zimbabwe after the 2008 elections. So thank you for your support thus far and, stay tuned, the coming months will be exciting for this campaign.