Looking Back at 2 Years of the Hub - Top 10 Most Viewed Videos

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December 2009 marks the Hub's official two-year anniversary and we're looking back at the most popular videos, issues, campaigns, and blog posts since our launch. There's a lot to cover - the Hub is now home to 3,000 videos on a range of human rights issues from all around the world. Since 2007, more than 9,700 people have created accounts on the Hub, 177 organizations have created group pages, and Hub content has been viewed more than 8 million times. This list marks the most viewed videos - see more on our 2-year retrospective lists

(of all time, as of December 21, 2009)

1- Japan: Military Sexual
Slavery during the
Second World War -- witnessed
102,709 times

2- Egypt: Bloggers Open
the door to police
brutality debate -- witnessed
51,263 times

3- China: Government's
video censorship foiled -- witnessed
32,128 times

4- Malaysia: Cellphone
video captures
police excess -- witnessed
28,694 times

5- Rights on the Line:
Vigilantes at the Border -- witnessed
27,328 times

6- Mark Malloch Brown on Darfur -- witnessed
26,337 times

7- Egyptian Internet Torture Video Shakes Police Sense of Impunity -- witnessed
25,603 times

8- The Hub for Human Rights Media and Action -- witnessed
21,200 times

9- Tibetan pilgrim shot dead by Chinese Police at Nangpa La Pass -- witnessed
20,212 times

10- Bound by Promises: Slavery in Rural Brazil (excerpts) -- witnessed
19,597 times


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 **A huge thank you to Marianna Moneymaker for all her work on this!