Looking Back at 2 Years of the Hub - Top 10 Most Covered (and Responded to) Issues

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December 2009 marks the Hub's official two-year anniversary and we're looking back at the most popular videos, issues, campaigns, and blog posts since our launch. There's a lot to cover - the Hub is now home to 3,000 videos on a range of human rights issues from all around the world. Since 2007, more than 9,700 people have created accounts on the Hub, 177 organizations have created group pages, and Hub content has been viewed more than 8 million times. This list marks the most covered (and responded to) issues on the Hub - see more on our 2-year retrospective posts.

(of all time, as of December 21, 2009)
1- Egypt Torture Videos 2- What image opened your eyes to human rights? 3- Video for Change: Bringing a Warlord to Justice 4- Spotlight on LICADHO - forced evictions in Cambodia 5- Resources, Tips, Toolkits
17 videos and 5 blog posts were viewed 182,780 times 52 videos and 7 blog posts were viewed 94,260 times 27 videos and 7 blog posts were viewed 68,180 times 20 videos and 11 posts were viewed 51,130 times 6 videos and 6 posts, were viewed 41,750 times
6- HCLU's campaign for drug policy reform 7- The Campaign for Elder Justice in the U.S.  8- Hear Us, Stand With Us - Women Against Sexual Violence in Zimbabwe 9- Campaign to End Femicide in Northern Mexico; WITNESS meets President Calderón 10- Spotlight on Indigenous Media Around the World
27 videos and 2 posts were viewed 39,550 times 36 videos and 7 posts were viewed 32,410 times 11 videos and 4 posts were viewed 29,200 times 5 videos and 6 posts were viewed 26,930 times 10 videos and 4 posts were viewed 22,990 times




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**A huge thank you to Marianna Moneymaker for all her work on this!



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