Coalition of Institutionalized Aged and Disabled

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The Coalition of Institutionalized Aged and Disabled (CIAD) is a New York State-based advocacy organization run by and for adult home and nursing home residents. For 30 years, CIAD has worked to protect the rights of residents and improve the quality of their life and care. CIAD's Media Team produces resident-reported videos on adult home issues.

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Adult homes, or adult care facilities, provide room and board to people in New York State who are 18 years-of-age or older and have a physical and/or psychiatric disability. Adult homes originally served an elderly population, but since the 1960s, younger people with psychiatric disabilities have also lived in adult homes; they are generally discharged into the homes from hospitals because they have no other place to go. Statewide, approximately 500 adult homes house about 35,000 people; in New York City, about 50 adult homes house about 9,000 people. Adult homes are licensed and regulated by the New York State Health Department.
CIAD organizers visit New York City adult homes regularly to educate residents about their rights and help residents establish strong resident councils. CIAD works statewide to advocate for policy initiatives and reforms of benefit to residents.
CIAD videos are screened inside adult homes at residents' rights trainings and resident council meetings, shown to elected representatives and agency officials, and cablecast on Manhattan Neighborhood Network's (MNN) public access channels. CIAD's media work is supported by an MNN Community Media Grant and a major grant from the New York Community Trust.