WITNESS & STAND Partnership Spotlight: Pledge on Camera

Regions: Global, United States

Issues: Armed conflict, Crimes against humanity, Genocide, Internally displaced persons, Refugees

Tags: genocide, GPTF, mass atrocities, STAND, WITNESS

On November 9th, over 800 youth anti-genocide leaders from around the United States gathered in Washington D.C. to lobby their Senators and Representatives - carrying videos made especially for them.  It was the largest genocide prevention lobby day in U.S. history, and an unprecedented day in video advocacy. 

This quick video report-back from the lobby day in D.C. features student responses from our partner organization STAND and how we ushered in a new era of video advocacy with the Pledge on Camera campaign.   Additionally, below you can also watch a few of the 50 unique, personalized and innovatiive videos that student activists made for their Senators.




Pledge On Camera is designed to remind Congress of the moral and political imperative to ensure that genocide will not occur on their watch or in the future – to make “never again” a reality once and for all. The anti-genocide movement is calling for Congress to create the first comprehensive genocide and mass atrocities prevention legislation.

In this first phase of the campaign, and in support of the lobby day, students have created over 600 video messages for their Senators.  Chapters in each state chose the best messages from their state and integrated and remixed them into the core video (last video below) that STAND and WITNESS have produced (view full credits).

SPOTLIGHT: STAND Students Creating and Integrating Video to Lobby their Senators

Here are 5 of 50 video examples that students screened during the lobby day for their Senators.  Video remixes range from fully remixed videos to fantastic video introductions and calls to action from influential student and community leaders in the Senators' states.

STAND Florida's Video for Senator Nelson


STAND California's Video for Senator Boxer


STAND Wisconsin's Video for Senator Feingold


STAND Connecticut's Video for Senator Lieberman

WITNESS-STAND Core Video Students Remixed

In addition to these remixes and the lobby day meeting, students left behind their personalized videos as well as this core video and seven extended interviews with members of the Genocide Prevention Task Force - including Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering, Michael Gerson, President George W. Bush' Senior Advisor and Speech Writer, and Mark Hanis, the President of Genocide Intervention Network.



Want more about Pledge on Camera and this new model of video advocacy? Watch this video...