Earth Day: Do Environmental Rights = Human Rights?

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Want to hear from the people interviewed at The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide and learn more about how the environment and human rights connect? Watch our ELAW Interview Series.

What images come to mind when you think of human rights?  Pictures of torture, unjust detention, police brutality, political persecution?   Or do you think about climate change?   What about when you think of the environmental movement?  Do you picture polluted oceans, destroyed forests, endangered wildlife?   Or do you think about people?

It's Earth Day, and although the environmental and human rights movements may sometimes be perceived as two different things - especially in many developed countries like the United States - in much of the world they are closely intertwined.  Earth Day is not just about recyclying, reducing your carbon footprint, and protecting wildlife.  It's also rooted in the struggle for the rights to clean air, water, and a healthy environment - all basic human rights. 

In March 2009, Kelly Matheson and I traveled to the annual meeting of the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide to speak with activists from around the world about this connection. We asked them: do environmental rights = human rights?

The responses we heard were so illuminating that we decided to make this short video (go here to learn more about the images shown in the video or to download a copy):



Now we want to hear from you: do environmental rights = human rights?




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Environmental Rights = Human Rights

Fabulous video! You totally captured the ELAW partners and why this network of environmental and human rights public interest lawyers around the world is so important to the future of the planet....collaboration is the key!
Congrats and thank you!